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A detailed guide to how smart companies design the product around the price
Defending prices is not an art. It is motivation and a set of techniques that make the difference between good price defenders and great price defenders.
Digitalization and online pricing are already being applied successfully in numerous industries. The benefits include a faster tendering process and the possibility to generate higher margins through intelligent, automated pricing. The logistics industry, however, is still firmly rooted in its tried and tested “manual” pricing approach.
The numbers are alarming: Eight of ten companies across industries are worried about rising price pressure. Many of the companies (49 percent) even say they are actively engaged in a price war. This is a key finding of the Global Pricing Study 2016*, conducted for the fourth time by the global strategy and marketing consultancy Simon‑Kucher & Partners. Approx. 2,200 managers in leading positions from more than 40 countries and a wide variety of industries participated in this year's study.